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International Management

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Dr. Anke Schulz


In today’s global environment, literally no business remains unaffected by international forces. While some companies are expanding to foreign markets others are confronted with the entry of international companies in their home locations, and many more companies and communities are affected by the operations of global corporations. Not surprisingly, cross-border activities of businesses are never out of the news. This course is aimed at helping students develop an understanding of the global context of today’s businesses and management issues that are important in such a context. It addresses essential questions in international business and management. Relevant theories of the multinational enterprise, of competition, organization, marketing, strategy, and governance are applied to the specific challenges of organizing and managing cross-border and cross-cultural business activities.

Course Goals

This module provides a comprehensive introduction to international management. The main objectives of the course are:

  • Understanding of the basics of international business and of the challenges confronting international and intercultural management.
  • Learning how to analyze business cases and how to apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations.


  • The lecture is taught every summer semester in rotation with Professor Meyer (Institut für Marketing), Schwaiger (Institut für marktorientierte Unternehmensführung), Tuschke (Institut für strategische Unternehmensführung), and Seitz (Professorship for Business Administration, especially for the Economy of Japan). 
  • Language of instruction is English 
  • Lecture slides will be uploaded over LSF
  • For schedule see LSF (first lecture slides)
  • In the case of International Management, no registration for participation in the lecture necessary, however it is mandatory to sign up for the examination (see lecture 1 upload on LSF).

Teaching Format
  • Virtual
  • Other than People and Organizations, International Management will not be taught over Moodle, but using LMUcast and ZOOM. Please see the first lecture slide upload on LSF (slide 20 and 27) for detailled information on our teaching format.
  • Precorded lecture recordings will be uploaded on the LMUcast portal - course link: - before their official date and time. First lecture: Thursday, April 15th, 2 PM. The recordings of our two live case study ZOOM lectures (17.06 & 08.07) will uploaded there afterwards.   
  • Please note that after clicking the course link, you will be asked to specify your university (LMU Munich) and LMU credentials to see the playlist. Simply follow the instructions.


  • Credits: BA Business Administration (PO 2015): 6 ECTS (as part of P 16: Leadership and International Management), BA Business Administration (PO 2008): 3 ECTS
  • Date of Examination: Monday, 26.07.2021 / 08:30-10:30 a.m.
  • Format: 120 minutes (1 hour People & Organizations, 1 hour International Management) single-choice exam, current assumption (tentative): virtual. Please take into account any potential buffer periods before and after the exam communicated by the ISC.

Further information

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