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Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases

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Prof. Dr. Anja TuschkeVeronika Timoschenko, Gabija Baugirdaitė, Emma Buellet, Dr. Anke Schulz

Course description

Strategic management centers around the formulation and implementation of a company’s strategic goals. The starting point of the course is the question: “What is strategy?”. Against this background, you will receive insights into important fundamentals of strategic management and selected methods of determining a company’s status quo. Considering classical approaches as well as current advancements, the course will teach how to develop strategies. Moreover, selected strategies will be discussed, namely digital strategies, diversification, and strategic alliances.

Course design

The course consists of a regular lecture and tutorial with a duration of 90 minutes each. The lecture introduces central concepts, theories, and instruments of strategic management. The tutorial deepens students’ understanding of strategic management by applying these concepts, theories and instruments to practice-related problems with the help of case studies.


  • Language of instruction is English
  • Relevant documents will be uploaded over Moodle for the lecture and tutorial (enrolment key: Mintzberg2022)
  • Registration is not necessary 
  • Teaching format: in person (subject to change, please check this site and/or Moodle before the first lecture for potential updates)




Monday, 25.04.2022

10:00-12:00 (c.t.)

Theresienstr. 39, Constantin Carathéodory (B 051)

Tutorial A

Tuesday, 03.05.2022

14:00-16:00 (c.t.)

Kaulbachstr. 37, Room 023

Tutorial B

Tuesday, 03.05.2022

16:00-18:00 (c.t.)

Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1,

Room B-101

Tutorial C

Thursday, 05.05.2022

10:00-12:00 (c.t.)

Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1 (A), A 125


  • Credits: 6 ECTS in " Marketing and Strategy I"  or "Kompetenzbereiche der BWL I – III"
  • Authorized auxiliary means: non-programmable calculator 
  • Exam date: 22.07.2022
  • Exam format: in person (subject to change, more information on the exam will follow in the lecture and tutorials)

Contact person

Veronika Timoschenko   (