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Convincing Stakeholders

Prof. Dr. Anja Tuschke, Dr. Simone Eulitz

Target group Master students (M.Sc.)
Course type Lecture, Tutorial (in cooperation with: Prof. Dr. Schwaiger, Prof. Dr. Sarstedt)
Cycle Winter term
Hours per week 2 (Lecture), 4 (Tutorial)
Grading Written exam
Credits 9 ECTS in WP5 (Fachspezifische Grundlagen: Marketing & Strategy) - PSTO 2018
Time/ Room See LSF for lecture and tutorial
Contact Person Dr. Simone Eulitz

Course description

The course covers issues concerning the interaction of the corporation with relevant stakeholder groups. The course is held in collaboration with the Institute for Marketing and the Institute for Market-based Management. Each institute emphasizes different problem areas and offers different problem solutions with regards to stakeholder management. The Institute of Strategic Management focuses on the stakeholder groups “owners” and “managers”. Based on practical examples and theoretical frameworks we analyze the relationships between the management, the supervisory board and the owners of a corporation. Within the scope of these relationships issues as goal setting, strategic decision making, corporate governance and the interface between compensation, strategy and performance will be in the center of our attention.